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Macufe Brunch Networks Entrepreneurs

Macufe Brunch gathering

On 7 October 2017, Bafana Nzimande hosted a business networking event at President Hotel, Bloemfontein.

Held on the sidelines of Mangaung Cultural Festival, Macufe Business and Networking Brunch’s focus was to unite local entrepreneurs under one roof, so that there can be an exchange of ideas, models and strategies.

The brunch exploited the rich network of people that flock into Mangaung for Macufe in order to establish connections that will outlive the fun of the festival. True to its purpose, the event attracted a full house of a generationally mixed audience from diverse spheres of influence.

On the speaking line-up were venture capitalist and globally renowned speaker Vusi Thembekwayo, management expert and good-humoured teacher Dr David Molapo and a laid back yet powerful Dr Ian Stander.

The first speaker for the day was the seasoned, tried and tested Dr David Molapo, who was later followed up by the medically innovative Dr Ian Stander. The rockstar of the show, Vusi Thembekwayo, delivered a business master-class that forced everyone in attendance to revisit their vision boards and do things anew—or much more radically.

As part of his presentation, he opened up the floor for questions from the audience, pertaining to the nature and revenue models of their businesses. In return, he replied with honesty about the viability of their trade, including possible areas for improvement.

By the time the event ended, not only was everyone full in their stomach, but their appetite for wisdom too was quenched.

It would be refreshingly great to have Macufe Business and Networking Brunch as an official Macufe event, given the success of its first edition.

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