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From HARVEST, with Love, Thembekile


A love letter from Thembekile Tshabalala to her supporters

The support and love that I received on the evening of my show, HARVEST Live in Concert, overwhelmed me in a manner I’ll never be able to explain. In the period leading to the show, I was feeling burdened and nervous. I wondered if anybody would leave the comfort of their own home to come, sit, and watch me perform.

But God!

I saw God with my own spirit that day. The fact that some people drove from far outside Bloemfontein to be part of the praise and worship experience carried me above my own fears, and reminded me that God is faithful. He watches over his word to perform it. He is not a man that he can tell lies, nor is he a son of man that he can change his mind.

He alone is God! He is God alone!

I want to thank, from the bottom of my heart, Pule Maloleka and Tebello Maleeme for not allowing me to settle for less when God has called me to do great exploits. Your faith in me has left a mark of eternal confidence, and I know that for as long as I have people like you two, my pastor Sipho Mnyakeni, and the beautiful souls that backed for me as vocalists, not even the sky is the limit.

HARVEST became the success that it was because of teamwork. Therefore, I want to publicly honour the band and vocalists for taking out the magic in me. What people saw on the Mangaung Civic Theatre stage was a public show-off of what we’d been cooking in private, sometimes with feelings of giving up.

Yet your presence around me enriched my faith and kept me closer to God. The rehearsals room was more than just a structure; it became our throne room in which we’re undone and broken for the glory of God.

The feedback I keep receiving is very humbling. I’m happy to know that every need that entered the venue on the night of HARVEST was met beyond measure. I’m grateful that God used me to minister to his beautiful people.

From HARVEST, we must now enter into the production phase. Everything I personally harvested from the concert will turn into a great product that glorifies the name of the Lord. There’s more coming from me. I’m in the upper room, praying, fasting, petitioning God. When I come out, his glory will come down.

Until then, I speak blessings upon your lives, and may you do unto others what you did unto me on the night of HARVEST.

I love you,

Thembekile Tshabalala

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