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Naycha Reaches His Prime—Easy


With #RCTM Naycha and Prime Eezy show us why they are way out of reach in the Mangaung hip hop scene, writes Thandeka Diphoko.


If it’s a turn-up you’re looking for – a let’s-get-stupid type of vibe – this mixtape is a wrong turn. But, don’t be scared; you can still jam to it—and love it.


Tebogo “Naycha” Molatole and Karabo “Prime “Prime Eezy” Tau might be young, but their sound is a lot less loud and much more mature on their collaborative project, Rose City Thorns Mixtape (#RCTM).

The project is well-balanced in terms of audience sensitivities. Although there’s strong language here and there, the mixtape is friendly for airplay.

Songs to look out for

On the first song, SAVAGE, the beat sweeps in swiftly, followed by a hook that’s easy enough to grasp and start singing along to; there’s auto-tune in the back somewhere, but not too much to annoy you. Asid (who’s also a producer) holds his own as he raps with King Nay and Prime.

LIQOUR AND EMOTIONS is about exactly that: the fellas talk about relationships, feelings, what could’ve been and what might be.  This is the song that pretty much everyone can relate to.

The flow is cold, the hook is short and to the point, and the guys pour their hearts out about heartbreak from the perspective of a man caught between chasing his dreams and settling down with, and providing stability to, the girl he loves. It’s one of those songs of, “I had you once and now I just have the music.

The tracks LIVE and HAM’NATE JWANG di monate jwang! They lighten the mood a bit as the artists ride on the beat to express themselves about the rap life: of smoking, of drinking, of squad goals, of women. The beat is a bit flat on LIVE and mellow but nice with a zing on HAM’NATE JWANG.

Prime’s deep voice brings life to the beat. The production is absolutely beautiful and of course the hook is a winner. This is also where the project takes somewhat of a turn to accommodate party people.

KOSHER is dedicated to Kosher the event. It is jumpy and fun, and so far the only beat on the project that has the potential to get you off the couch to two-step and dab.

Then WAY-WAY comes in with a solid bass and a fresh hook from Prime.  This one is truly one for the hustlers, while at the same time letting us know that Nay and Prime are “way-way out of touch and out of reach” in the local rap scene.

The duo also catered for the trap/reggae sound lovers with a song titled FINER THINGS, which is truly a finer thing: excellent production, tight flow from Nay and an killer hook by Prime.

If it’s nice, just repeat it twice

OT FREESTYLE is a song I definitely had on repeat, for a number of reasons: (1) Naycha is in his element on this track; (2) the beat and the production are sick; (3) Prime does the most on the hook.

General remarks

Overall, the production on the mixtape is beautiful and truly professional. Some songs sound flat and you don’t really hear the message but catch the flow.

This is a tape where guys are flexing about the skill they indeed have—Nay with the flow and Prime on production and hooks. The duo demonstrate that they are among the few who still hold the essence of what hip hop is and what rap sounds like; they don’t compromise on the flow and bars.

The collaboration works like magic. It’s something you could enjoy on a cruise and equally bump at a social gathering.

Sheet is real

With all that I’ve said, the Rose City Thorns Mixtape by Naycha and Prime Eezy scores 9 out of 10 on my score sheet.

I  hope you bought it

#RCTM is available on iTunes, DEEZER, GooglePlay, amazon and other digital platforms.

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