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Our Services

ART STATE MEDIA (ASM) is a leading digital media agency specialising in publishing, public relations and brand management.

ASM offers a wide range of services tailored per the client’s needs. Comprised of a team of the best writers and creative thinkers in the city, with a vast network of creative practitioners in arts and design, no task is too tall for us.

Our main services include:

  1. Events promotion
  2. Branding and brand management
  3. Public relations management
  4. Website copywriting
  5. Social media management
  6. Writing services


  1. Thembekile Tshabalala
    1. Digital media partner for Harvest Live In Concert (music)
  2. Miss Heritage South Africa-International
    1. Live social media coverage for Miss Heritage South Africa 2017 (beauty pageant)
  3. Smile Music
    1. Digital media partner for Dear Oliver Tambo (theatre)
  4. I Can Foundation
    1. Digital media partner for Macufe Business and Networking Brunch (entrepreneurship)
  5. Kode Blaq Management 
    1. Social media and brand management for The Kota Joint
    2. Social media and brand management for Ubuncoko Day & Mobile Spa
  6. Performing Arts Centre of the Free State 
    1. Digital media partner for Love, Crime & Johannesburg (theatre)

For inquiries and to book our services call/text 081 835 9041 or email or on any of our digital platform. Follow us on Twitter at @ArtStateMedia

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