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Smoking Oracles Leave Peu’s Fans High


Poetry wonder kid Kwena Peu and his partner Cyblcastic returned to the public eye with a well-conceptualised and audience-captivating poetry showcase, ORDERED RANDOMNESS, which took place on 5 August 2017 at the University of the Free State, writes Ace Moloi.

The show, which enjoyed a great turnout, began with curtain raising performances by Blaqsoul, Hlox Da Rebel and Talk-Sick respectively, before a poignant tribute to slain activist Philela Gilwa, paid by MC Mpho Matsitle and backed melodically by poet-cum-singer IAmLimit, who later completed the open mic with her well-rendered poetry set.

The show was dynamic in its execution, featuring opera, contemporary dance and classical elements. Again, it showcased African spirituality and indigenous musical instruments. The first part of the show saw Cyblcastic deliver a cyclical performance that was inspired more by background music, without the theatrics that announced his associate Kwena Peu’s act.

The Albert Wessels Auditorium roared with excitement when Peu walked on stage like an heir determined to claim his inheritance; the whole of it. Throughout his performance, he lived up to the great anticipation of his fans. He started his set with a poem called “The Difference”, and in the true nature of a show, moved to other poems without pre-emptive introductions. Although “Khaesekane” remained the people’s darling, it’s “The Smoking Oracle” that got everyone high with its impepho-induced spiritual effect—a high that lasted for a while after the show.

Speaking to ART STATE, Peu says last year’s show – Preformed Footsteps Poetry Showcase – was the inception of what is in the build-up of becoming an annual experience to be reckoned with in Mangaung.

“With ORDERED RANDOMNESS we wanted to exhibit how every occurrence that human beings encounter, regardless of its peculiarity, simplicity, randomness, familiarity, regularity or any way which we encounter it, is all part of an overall mapped voyage they embark on each nanosecond of every day,” explains the Limpopo-born wordsmith who has been dazzling audiences with the depth of his compositions for seven years.

He adds: “Be it a second or a nanosecond, we are part of a peculiar network that influences our entire being. It’s everywhere: in colour, its in breaths, it’s in the visual, the imperceptible, all that our five senses can detect consciously or unconsciously. Everything is part of an infinite chain reaction that can only be directed, not seized by any means.”

“The collective idea of this show’s concept was to put together what might seemingly appear as ‘random’ and order it artistically to convey a message that ignites the very sight of our truest self, illuminate how natural it is to be boundless, and literally be high from life itself.”

In addition to the critically acclaimed ORDERED RANDOMNESS, Kwena Peu promises Mangaung art lovers exciting times ahead, working with his Preformed Footsteps team, which boasts twin violinists Puleng and Pulane Nyokong, vocalists Hlompho Motalingoane and Tshepiso Nkoane, drummers Maruping Direko and Radipholo Nkgakane, opera singer Motlatsi Motseki, pianist Bongani Moeketsi, as well as poet Cyblcastic. The plans include an online EP, a tour and shows in cities such as Johannesburg and Polokwane.

For more of Kwena Peu’s work, subscribe to his YouTube channel and follow him on Facebook.

Ace Moloi is the editor of ART STATE. Follow @Ace_Moloi on Twitter

PICTURE: Poetry wonder kid Kwena Peu. Credit: Moorconcepts

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